Over 50 years of growth, quality,and improvement.  From mixing concrete in a five gallon bucket, to an automated cubic yard mixer, describes in part the distance traveled by Skiatook Statuary since 1967.

Our products have found homes from California to New York.  Many can be found at  the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion in Oklahoma City.  "Tons" more can be found just nine miles from Moscow and a mile from Yeltsin's home in Russia.  From America's Heartland, (Skiatook ,Oklahoma) indeed from the very soil of Oklahoma, (sand, gravel, and cement), products were made with Oklahoma Labor.

Angels, statues, planters and miscellaneous ornamental concrete products went to a country whose past leader (Kruschev)  once pounded his shoe on a desk at the United Nations and declared "We will bury you!!!"

Our "10 ton" hippo gives credence to the claim "Manufacturers of the world's largest ornamental concrete." While some misinterpret this as a claim to be the World's largest Statuary, we can feel confident in claiming the largest variety in the country. With well over 3,000 items in 1996, we have since lost count!

Travels from coast to coast and even Europe have helped our product line continuously grow with new and unique items.

In 1981 the first endeavour for a statuary convention was organized and hosted by Skiatook Statuary.  While it was some years later, the Ornamental Concrete Producers Association was organized, and in 1999, the National Convention was hosted by Skiatook Statuary.

Local T.V., state and national (USA Today) mentions over the years have brought attention to this unique business in Skiatook, Oklahoma.

Most recently two new artists have sculpted commissioned pieces for Skiatook Statuary.  The "Mari Elle" sculptures are  from an internationally known artist who quotes Michelangelo saying  "A sculpting should be so designed with intricacy and detail, but with such sturdiness and strength that one may roll it down a  hill without damage."!  A "young" sculptress, now in her senior years,  she has traveled most of Europe and is an accredited university art teacher with 50 plus years of experience in sculpting.

Our "Van Zandt" commissions are by a younger but still nationally known sculptor who has recently had her works enshrined at the National Museum of Naval Aviation.  She established her reputation with sculptures of America's symbol, the Bald Eagle, which can be found in cities, museums, and both corporate and private art collections throughout the  United States.

Skiatook Statuary even has a number of second generation dealers who have built our wholesale business.

A "little" brother in one of those "big states" has a growing and successful statuary whose "roots" came from that original "5 gallon bucket."

Our customers, the Governors Mansion, ten ton hippos, angels to Russia, uniqueness, and originality are but a few of the "stepping stones" of growth on Skiatook Statuary's 50-year-plus path.

Introductions are usually done with much "braggado" and thus far we are sure you will sense this one to be much the same.

But we would feel remiss in closing if we failed to convey our analysis of this 50+ year road.  While we never dreamed the potential from such a meager beginning, we know it wasn't the hard work, luck, or providence involved in creating and reproducing statues, but rather the bountiful blessings from the Divine Creator at all the crossroads of that 5 decade path.
                                                                        Chester and Jeannie Reyckert

Skiatook Statuary was a proud sponsor of "Freedom Flight", flown coast to coast, from the Queen Mary, in California, to the Statue of Liberty in New York. In honor of our veterans on the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII, and in appreciation of all of our US veterans.